Lunch Freedom


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Lunch Freedom

           Students everywhere are always looking for the next opportunity during the school day to use their phones. Whether the opportunity is in the classroom, hallways in between classes, or now in the cafeteria. However, students can’t be seen with their phones out in plain sight otherwise teachers and administrators will take them away. Harford County Public Schools enforces the students to keep their phones kept turned off and in their lockers during the school days to reduce the number of distracted students.

Mrs. Stacey Zengel, the assistant principle at Patterson Mill High School decided that she wanted to change this. Noticing that many students feel too restricted with the usage of cell phones rules, Zengel wanted to open up a window of opportunity for students to use their cell phones during their lunch periods without the nerve racking feeling of having their phones taken away.

She states that, “she wants the students too have the reward of being able to use cell phones freely and without the supervision of school administrators… to give the students a break”.

However, many student already do this. During lunch periods, students easily take out their cell phones and place them on the lunch tables in clear view of administrators.

Lauren Scott, a senior at Patterson Mill High School says that “…she has her phone in plain sight when administrators walk by and they don’t take it”.

Lyndsey Russell, also a senior at Patterson Mill High School says that “… she already does this… has her phone laying out on the lunch tables so this won’t be much of a change for her”.

Both Scott and Russell brought up a good point. Many students at Patterson Mill already use their cell phones during their lunch period. Administrators walk by and see the phones but do nothing about them.

Sitting down with Mrs. Zengel, she states that “…she understands and has seen students using their phones during lunch, that’s what students have been doing… but many students complain that they have no freedom with their cell phones, parents send them text messages, work, etc. And as administrators we want students to feel, for their lunch period, that they aren’t being restricted and that they can use their phone freely”.

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Lunch Freedom