Review of Rixton’s “Let the Road”


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cover326x326Rixton, the up-and-coming English boyband hailing from Manchester, recently released their new EP, “Let the Road.” Like many new artists, they started their rise to fame through posting covers of other artists’ songs on YouTube. They became famous after being signed by Scooter Braun and creating their 2014 radio hit: “Me and My Broken Heart.” This song is featured along with a remixed version on their new album which was released only a month ago.

While listening to the first few songs, I had mostly positive feedback about the band’s sound, noting the admirable harmony and strong climactic points in their music. The first song was sung A Capella, which I found refreshing when compared to the excessive editing and auto-tune that seems to run today’s music scene. The generally inspiring lyrics gives them a similar feel to bands like One Direction.

However, as the songs went on, the music became increasingly upbeat and risqué, giving off more of a Maroon 5 kind of vibe. I’d recommend this album to someone who enjoys those bands, or rather enjoys the really repetitive, radio hit brand of music. Although these songs tend to get stuck playing inside my head, I can’t say I’m a fan.
I am aware of the artist’s intention to try mixing things up when they release a new album, but this one was all over the place. Songs go from club music to Christian tunes in a matter of minutes. Each one is either too slow or too repetitive for my taste, and can be categorized under the following: love, lust, loss, and heartbreak. Am I wrong for seeking something more original in the music I listen to? Yeah, they’re relatable topics, but they’re a tad bit overrated.

Although this album was mediocre, it was overall bearable with the exception of a few songs. First off, I could not get all the way through the song “We All want the Same Thing” due to the fact that the whole song was basically a repetition of its title, I could not hear the word “the” whenever he sung the phrase, and his voice was not meant for that falsetto. The second song I had issues with was “Make Out” because it was literally just about making out and being reckless in love which isn’t very deep or inspiring. The last song I had a problem with was “I Like Girls” because it honestly seems kind of homophobic to me. Nowadays we have to be very sensitive about gender and sexuality because of past mistreatment and oppression of those who broke the heterosexual boundaries formed by society. Sexual preference should be free, and I see no point in using yours as an individual as a basis for a song that is intended for anyone to hear and hopefully enjoy.

If you’re the kind of person who likes One Direction or Maroon 5 or any song that can be heard playing over and over again on any radio station until you can no longer stand hearing it, Rixton might be the band for you. If that’s the case I would go out today and pick up their new album or download it on iTunes, but if you’re searching for something with a speck of originality or deeper meaning, I would keep looking.

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Review of Rixton’s “Let the Road”