Recent data proves negative effects of standardized testing


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Standardized testing is a common occurrence for U.S. students, but recent data proves this testing is completely unnecessary and has negative effects on students.

Standardized testing companies are a multi-billion dollar industry that feed off of public school funding. These companies not only manufacture the tests, but also the programs made to help prepare for the tests. This results in favoring socio-economic advantages, in which the people with more money can afford these programs and tutors. According to the Neuroethics blog, “We act like these tests are objective, but the truth is they are actually biased towards people with similar life experiences to the test makers.” These companies are very wealthy and only focus on the financial success the whole process brings them. They do not care about improving the education of American children or the unnecessary stress and negative effects it places on them.

Many students worry that their entire future is dependent upon their performance on these tests. Standardized testing creates stress and, as a result, many can’t do higher level thinking required to perform well on the tests. “[Standardized] tests propagate the fact that a person’s intelligence [not creativity] determine their success,” according to These tests reject creativity; since machines grade them, only “logical” responses matter. By not following an exact format and giving a specific answer, a student’s response will be marked as wrong.

Teachers will spend most of their time teaching to the test, which is disastrous to a student’s education. Information that would favor a student’s development will not be covered if it’s not on the test. Mrs. Zengel, one of Patterson Mill’s assistant principals, says that “HCPS and the state of MD work very hard to align curriculum with assessments.” Standardized tests do not provide feedback on how to improve the test scores. Real results are not even given until months later, and are extremely vague, often giving only a number and nothing more. This leaves the student with no memory or specific idea of what to improve on. School spend billions of dollars purchasing tests from these companies, which have no benefit to students. Instead, this money could be used on tutoring programs to further education.

These tests categorize students based on subject matter that test makers find important. Some students may perform better in group discussions, drawings, or hands-on projects. A student’s knowledge will not be accurately depicted on these tests due to the formatting. “The main function of these tests are to determine if a student had a mental disability, so these tests were created to divide and label students,” states Tests like these assume that if a student does badly in one subject, they must do badly in all of them.

Overall, standardized testing is useless and ultimately worsens the education of American children. The companies only care about financial success, not caring that they cause extreme stress for students who have to take the test and teachers who have to teach to the test. The bottom line is that standardized tests do not accurately depict a student’s ability.


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