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Longs days at HCPS destroy student social life


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Doing well in school and completing homework is very time-consuming, so much so that Patterson Mill High School students often do not have the time to do any extra-curricular activities. In order for the students to enjoy their nights and be a part of sports, clubs, etc., the school days must be shortened. Students are usually in school for seven hours each day, Monday through Friday. With lengthy days and homework, extra-curricular activities are hard to make time for. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 12% of students make their desired sport high school team and then have to quit because they need to focus more on school.  Although school work comes first, it is still important to be involved in other activities because they create lasting friendships and establish important skills.

Students have other activities outside of school and their lives shouldn’t revolve around schooling. School is the number one priority, but while growing up, students should be able to enjoy themselves also. Plus, when applying to colleges, the grades are not the only thing that the colleges view. They also see how involved one is with their community and how many extra-curricular activities they are participating in.

On the other hand, some think that if the school days were kept the same length, the teachers would be able to teach the students more information and the students would do better academically due to more being taught. They also think that the students would have higher test averages because more information would be apprehended. Even though more information would be taught, the students will not necessarily apprehend the information better, therefore, their averages would probably not increase. Just because more information is being presented does not mean the student will change his/her mindset. If they do not want to put in the effort to understand the material, they will not. The amount of material shown will not change the student’s mindset. Therefore, the averages of tests and work ethic of the students will not necessarily increase even with more information being demonstrated.

The same education would have to be taught, even if the school days were shortened. Therefore, the state of Maryland should at least consider the idea of having year-round school. The school year would be spread throughout the entire year, causing less time required for school in one day. Students would have the same amount of time off, just at different parts in the year. That would let families go on cruises in the summer and ski resorts in the winter (just as examples). Having the students off at different parts of the year would actually be very helpful because students would not only take summer trips, they could also take winter trips, due to them being off. Plus, the trips could be longer because more time would be given to the families to relax in the winter, if we had year-round schooling versus only off for two months in the summer. Students would be able to enjoy their time off and it would not put as much pressure on them at once, due to the school work being spread out.

With all of the hard work students put in, they should be able to enjoy their nights doing sports, clubs, and other after school activities, especially with the stress of completing assignments and studying for tests. The fact that some student’s feel they can’t participate in extra-curricular activities because of school is very disappointing and just one of the many reasons to change the school schedule. If the school schedule was adjusted to year-round schooling, students and parents would enjoy their time off more because they could go to several other places throughout the year, due to the different weather temperatures and they could extend those trips.

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Longs days at HCPS destroy student social life