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New year, new me

New years offers a new beginning for students to become a better version of themselves. Jin Yeong Kim states,

New years offers a new beginning for students to become a better version of themselves. Jin Yeong Kim states, "It's a great mindset to have."

Photo taken by John Paul Tyrone Fernandez from Pexels

Photo taken by John Paul Tyrone Fernandez from Pexels

New years offers a new beginning for students to become a better version of themselves. Jin Yeong Kim states, "It's a great mindset to have."


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Patterson Mill students, like many people, need help with their New Year’s Resolutions. Since most people can’t even manage to keep them until halfway through January, students will need the most help they can get, and Paw Prints would like to help.  

Resolution #1:  Stop procrastinating

The first resolution that Paw Prints would like to help students with, is procrastination. As high school students, most can agree that procrastination is the number one thing that keeps students from reaching their goals. Whether it’s getting homework done, chores, or completing a project, procrastination always seems to get in the way. A few ways to avoid procrastinating is to:  

  • Make sure there are no distractions from technology, such as phones or friends.  
  • Make a list of steps to achieve your goals or write out future assignments in an agenda.  
  • Give yourself a reward when you meet a deadline, so that you are more apt to maintain your positive behavior

Jin Yoeng Kim, freshman at Patterson Mill said, ” I chose these resolutions because I never seem to have enough time in the day to complete my homework and my grades has been the cost of it.” Having a nice organized space without anything that normally keeps you from doing work, will increase productivity and decrease procrastination because all of the divided attention will now be focused on work. 

Resolution #2:  Exercise more

Another resolution that Paw Prints want to help students achieve is exercising more. Many students want to achieve a specific goal involving working out or getting fit. People want to be able to feel comfortable in their body and exercising is one way to do that. If students want to start to exercise they should: 

  • Choose a realistic and specific goal. Taking small steps is a good start to making an effort to exercise more, and progress doesn’t happen overnight.  
  • Renew your motivation, it is key to keeping a resolution. Set achievable goals to stay motivated because it’s easy to get frustrated and want to give up if your goals are unattainable. 
  • Learn to love yourself first.  Instead of focusing mainly on the dress size or body image one might want to achieve, it’s important to begin with more of a positive perspective and appreciate the skin you’re already in.

Exercising more is a good way to maintain a healthy weight, lowering risk of diabetes, and keeping bones and hearts healthy. Exercising also contributes to better moods and lower anxiety. These tips are very important according to the site, excersize.lovetoknow. Simple changes can be made to any lifestyle to improve fitness.  

Resolution #3: Eat healthier

Many students struggle with eating healthier. Eating healthy is very important to the human body, but can be very difficult to keep up especially when most students are busy with academics, sports, extra-curricular activities, and social events. Some tips that lead to eating healthier are to make healthy snack choices: 

  • Eat the proper number of vegetables and proteins, plus try to cut down on eating fast food.  This will increase your chances of living a longer and healthier life 
  • Don’t skip breakfast and space out your meals throughout the day 
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day.  It is extremely necessary for the body and can also help you lose weight 
  •  Make eating healthier, fun and exciting by trying new foods and new recipes.   

These tips were provided by the website According to, eating at least three servings of vegetables and fruits a day, you can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease by 30%. Eating healthy helps you not only lose weight, but it also enhances the immune system so you don’t get sick as often.

Resolution #4:  Improving grades

One resolution that is very important, especially to students here at Patterson Mill, is keeping up good grades and staying organized. Lots of students struggle with academics and time management like Jin Yeong Kim who stated, “For 2018 my New Year’s resolution is to manage my time better,” which can be done by: 

  • Taking notes, asking for help, getting a good night’s rest, and using your time wisely 
  • Setting up a concrete plan, use a planner to stay on track, and meet your deadlines. 
  • Knowing your learning style so you can study better and more effectively.
  • Managing your time by making a schedule and writing down tasks and assignments.  

The new year offers a perfect opportunity for a new beginning for students at Patterson Mill to become more successful. With the help of these suggestions, Huskies will keep their resolutions and have their best 2018.




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