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Lindsey Tolliver

The globe ball at Universal in Orlando, Florida. The park has been opened for 27 years. Most rides here are based off of famous movies.


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Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida is home to many amazing rides, food, and memories for families. Since 1990, the attractions at Universal are one of the main reasons people decide to come visit. Universal is an amazing experience. The rides are adventurous, mind blowing, and suspenseful. The park is most known for turning famous movies, and TV shows into thrilling rides. The creators of the rides pay attention to every single detail, to make the attraction look just like the movie. Some of the best rides at Universal are Rip Ride Rockit, The Hulk, Revenge of the Mummy, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.


Fire breathing dragons in your face, to trolls trying to attack your cart, my fifth favorite ride out of out of my top five, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts is a thrilling ride. This ride is new to park, it opened in 2014. The ride type is a simulator, also known as a virtual reality ride. The creators did a great job with bringing this ride to life. Throughout the line riders walk through Gringotts Bank’s and see goblins at work. The one downside of this attraction is an extremely long wait, possibly as long as 90 minutes. However, the wait is totally worth it, it’s a very exciting ride. On the ride you encounter Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Guests also have to survive the malicious villains Voldemort, Bellatrix, and trolls. The ride has fantastic special effects including scenes with a fire breathing dragon, where riders feel the heat from the dragon’s fire breath. At a waterfall scene, riders also feel splashes of water. The ride contains sudden drops, turns, and stops. The ride is smooth, but wouldn’t sit well with guests who suffer from motion sickness. Overall, this ride is great for kids of all ages.


Soaring around on a broomstick and getting the real experience of what it feels like to be at Hogwarts. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a great ride. This ride first made an appearance to the park in 2010. It is a dark simulator ride, which takes guests through different scenes and environments of Harry Potter books and movies. To occupy the riders while waiting in line, they journey through Hogwarts starting at the dungeon, and work their way up the castle. The wait for this ride being only 10 minutes, made the experience even better. During the ride passengers fly through the castle on a broomstick, coming face to face with dementors and being stuck in the middle of a Quidditch match. The cart’s unique structure has a robotic arm which supports the cart. The rides model also allows the cart to pivot. During the ride, visitors experience sharp turns, drops, and spins. The ride never goes upside down, but there are parts where riders will be flat on their backs. The ride’s seats have over-the-shoulder bars to keep the passengers securely fastened throughout the duration of the ride. This also isn’t the ride for people who deal with motion sickness, due to the rides rough movements, and spins, while watching a screen.


Revenge of the Mummy is a fast and adventurous ride where a mummy is attempting to “steal your soul” to gain power. This ride joined the park in 2004, and is based off The Mummy movie franchise, which originally came out in 1932. The attraction is a steel, dark, indoor roller coaster. As the riders wait in line they watch behind the scene clips showing superstitions about the curse of the mummy. The clips are from The Mummy Returns that came out in 2001. The line takes place in an Egyptian setting, with many artifacts from The Mummy movie.  The average wait for this line is 20 minutes. The ride is the adventure you take to escape the mummy, who is trying to take your souls. To keep the riders strapped in there is a padded pull-down lap bar. The ride itself is very eventful and exciting. There are many sudden stops, drops, and some backwards riding. The first hill the cart quickly goes from 0 mph to 45 mph. It then shoots the riders out where they drop down a hill, and endure many other sharp turns, and drops. The ride then seems as if it is over, but the mummy makes another appearance. This ride is very entertaining, but a little rough and jerky at times. Other than that, it is unique and mysterious, leaving riders wondering if the mummies curse is real.

Lindsey Tolliver
The Revenge of the Mummy ride at Universal. Opened in 2004, and has been one of Universals main attractions ever since.


The Hulk goes from 0 mph to 67 mph in 2 seconds, dropping at 115 feet. This ride came to the park in 1999. It is an extremely intense steel outdoor roller coaster, with a total of 7 loops, corkscrews, and inversions. The wait for this line is usually about 25 minutes, like most of the other rides. While waiting in line, customers see how the Hulk is made by being electrocuted. It shows things like a giant plasma ball, and DNA models of the Hulk. When riders enter the cart, there is an over the shoulder bar, that is connected to a seat belt. That secures them. It starts by venturing up a hill at a slow speed, then suddenly the ride increases to 67 mph. The rest of the ride has 2 main drops with many loops and corkscrews. The height requirement is 4’6” and is not recommended for younger riders. Riders should be able to keep their head against the headrest or this ride could give you a pretty bad headache, due to the intensity of the ride. Overall, I enjoyed this ride and the adventure I took with The Hulk.


Rip Ride Rockit is the attraction that gives riders a chance to rock out to some tunes as they experience sudden drops and turns. Rip Ride Rockit was built in 2009, it’s a steel sit down roller coaster that reaches a drop of 167 feet and meets a max speed of 65 mph. The line moves quick, and to bypass time there are screens placed throughout that give safety instructions. The best part about the ride is passengers can customize a soundtrack to listen to as you ride. They can pick from genres of classic rock/metal, rap/hip-hop, country, pop/disco, and club/electronica. Each genre has six different songs to choose from. Giving a variety of songs to jam to throughout the ride. The ride itself is exciting, and starts off by going straight up, to where the riders are practically laying right on their backs. It then drops from 167 feet. The rest of the ride consists of another drop, one loop, two corkscrews, and sudden sharp turns. The ride can be a little rough and jerky for smaller riders just meeting the height requirement of 4’3”. Unlike many modern steel roller-coasters the seats on the cart do not have over-the-shoulder harnesses. The ride has a large padded lap bar. Many riders feel as if this design would not keep them securely fastened throughout the ride. However, this is not the case, it is completely safe and secure. Due to the Rockits unique features, like choosing a song to listen to as you ride, the carts ability to videotape your experience, and the ride itself with intense drops and turns. Visitors will want to ride this ride repeatedly during their trip.

Whether your family is looking for good eats, amazing rides, or a place to make memories. Universal is an incredible amusement park for all of these. All the rides look exactly like the movies they’re inspired by. Universal is a great place to travel with your family, you’ll never want to leave.