Major League Baseball proposes undesired rules, will affect high schoolers


This is an official Major League Baseball. Throughout a full game the average amount of baseballs used is 100, but with the possible addition of pitch clocks that number would go up.


Major League Baseball is creating unnecessary rule changes that will affect high school players too, including those at Patterson Mill. Major League Baseball may implement pitch clocks in the majors, but not in high school games, making it hard to transition to the majors. 

Pitch clocks can mess with a player’s mental game. The clocks will rush pitchers to deliver the ball to the batter faster than usual, which hurts baseballs’ reputation. Baseball currently has no time limits, but the possible implement of the clocks will put limits on the game. High school players don’t have the clocks in games, so they don’t have to worry about rushing. This is a very big problem because as the players go through college and possibly to the majors, they’d have to speed up their delivery time, which hurts them mentally and physically. A study at FiveThirtyEight, a website that analyzes statistics in sports, showed when pitchers have a greater amount of time to recover in between pitches they pick up velocity. Pitch clocks are affecting pitchers’ stamina, making it harder for them to pitch a complete game. Going into the major leagues is already a huge transition, but for pitchers now it’s even harder. Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals stated, “…If you’re a young pitcher and you’re worrying about the pitch clock, you’re not worried about getting the hitter out.” Young pitchers don’t have the same mindset as veteran pitchers, which makes it hard for them to focus on the important part of the game which is getting outs. As high school players transition through college and the majors they have many things on their mind and having a pitch clock is not something they want to worry about. Pitch clocks destroy baseballs reputation and make transitioning to the major leagues very difficult. 

Emma Zimmerman, sophomore, and Emily Pakaski, freshman, have differing opinions on the possible addition of pitch clocks. Emma believes pitch clocks are benefitting baseball because it speeds up the games. She stated, “it wouldn’t make a difference,” if high schools added pitch clocks or not. However, Emily voiced that “it’s not the answer for speeding up games.” Also, saying the game is perfect the way it is, not needing to be changed. She believes many fans would become angry with the addition of pitch clocks simply because it is changing the game. The idea of adding pitch clocks may increase the pace of play, but would affect players and fans thoughts on baseball. 

Major League Baseball must repeal the new pace of play rule ideas, including the pitch clocks. Pitchers need a strong mental game, but with the new pitch clock rules they have unnecessary things to focus on. They need to focus on one thing every inning, which is getting three outs. Baseball needs to help pitchers transition easier by implementing pitch clocks in high schools or deny the new rules. The pitch clocks will affect pitchers both mentally and physically if the proposal goes through, and the rules make baseball a whole new ballgame.