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Aiming for teachers with guns is not the solution


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Seventeen other states already allow teachers to carry concealed weapons to school. Maryland politicians are currently pushing for this in Maryland as well.

Allowing teachers the permission to carry guns in school has become a very argumentative issue between communities, but perhaps there shouldn’t be any argument about it at all. Teachers are at schools to teach, not to handle guns, that’s a police officer’s job. Seventeen other states have allowed this, but Maryland, and Patterson Mill, should not allow teachers to take guns to school.

Many people do believe that having teachers bring in guns to school will be very beneficial. Those people believe that if teachers bring in guns and have them during a situation like a school shooting, the teachers would be able to protect the students more effectively. Many states, like Ohio, have already passed laws saying that with training, teachers would be able to bring in guns to school. They think that through this, the amount of school shootings would drop and that the students would be safer during a crisis situation. President Donald Trump agrees with this sentiment, tweeting on February 25, 2018 that “…armed educators love our students and will protect them… [school shootings] will not happen again.” While President Trump says this, though, the idea of arming teachers is not the most beneficial solution and should not be put to action.

Students do play a very big part in the reasoning of why teachers shouldn’t be armed during school hours. Students tend to acquire things they shouldn’t, so if a teacher were to accidentally leave a gun out on their desk or the student found it unlocked, why wouldn’t they take it? If a student were to take the gun, it could possibly lead to a school shooting. However, many people do think that there should be firearms in schools, but many other people believe that by doing this it’s essentially taking away police officers’ jobs. As Mrs. Grutkowski, a PMHS social studies teacher said, “…there’s a reason why police go through a seven-month training academy that teachers do not go through to be able to properly handle a gun.” Perhaps leaving the gun-handling to the police is the safest and best solution, rather than risking an inexperienced teacher handling a gun in school. In crisis situations, having multiple teachers bring out their concealed weapons would only make the situation much, much worse. President Trump has stated that “…the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun,” essentially saying that the only way to solve this issue is through more violence. If there is a situation at a school involving a shooter, and there are multiple teachers trying to stop the gunman with their own guns, what’s the possibility of the teachers accidentally shooting a student in the crossfire?

Teachers shouldn’t be armed for multiple reasons, like the fact that it would strike fear in the students and risk accidental injury and accidental death. It would only cause more unnecessary problems, so letting teachers bring in guns to school should not be the solution to the issue regarding school shootings.

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Aiming for teachers with guns is not the solution