Watch out Pisces and Aries, March is going to be an interesting month


Emma Clarkson

Aries and Pisces are the two zodiac signs of March. Based on the alignment of the sun and moon on the natal chart and the distinct qualities these signs have, Paw Prints is able to determine the horoscope predictions for certain days of the month of March.


March has many surprises in store for students at Patterson Mill who are Pisces and Aries signs that were born during this month. Based on the astrology, Paw Prints is able to predict these zodiac sign’s important days in March.  

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Pisces are born between February 19th and March 20th and Aries are born between March 21st and April 19th. The element sign for Pisces is water and the animal that represents this sign is the fish, which explains Pisces love for water and swimming. Its ruling planets are Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune represents the ocean and wholeness; Jupiter represents optimism and faith. The animal that represents Aries is the ram. Thanks to its ruling planet Mars, and that it belongs to the element of fire, Aries is one of the most passionate, yet impulsive, zodiac signs. It’s often natural for them to take action in their goals without thinking first. Pisces are known to be more compassionate, gentle, wise, and intuitive, but can also be overly trusting. Pisces tend to be moodier. Aries on the other hand, are more courageous and passionate, but their weaknesses include being short-tempered, impulsive, and aggressive.  

Right at the beginning of the month on March 2nd, which is the date Footloose is having their opening night, there will be a full moon opposing Neptune, one of the ruling planets of Pisces. The opposition between the moon and Neptune represents challenge and negative energy, so Paw Prints wishes lots of luck to any Pisces participating in the play. Later in the month on March 13th when spring sports are just starting off, the sun meets up with Pisces ruling planet, Neptune. But, on this day Venus squares Saturn which produces off balance energy. On this same day, the sun trines Jupiter which gives off qualities of luck. With all these different, contrasting energies and qualities that March 13th brings, Pisces should expect to have a very interesting Tuesday filled with lots of ups and downs. On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, there will be a new moon at 26 degrees Pisces. This new moon brings a state of harmony and comfort, but since new moon squares Mars it also brings elements of irritation and disturbance, so hopefully there’s some luck left from St. Patrick’s Day to help with any challenges Pisces may face on March 18th.  

Towards the end of March on the 21st when the Aries marking period starts, it will be the last half of quarter three, making it a difficult time for Aries. During this time, teachers are prepping students for PARCC testing, some students are getting ready for college, it seems like the longest quarter of the year and most students are wishing for summer to come sooner, especially Aries students who are the most impatient of the zodiac signs. It also doesn’t help that the sun squares Mars at the beginning of the Aries marking period, giving off even more tense energy and elements of frustration and impatience. Even though school is off from March 28- April 1, according to astrology, Aries still can’t catch a break. On the 29th when school is closed, the sun squares Saturn in the natal chart, which is one of the most challenging of the sun Saturn natal aspects since both Saturn and the square represent tests and challenges. Things finally turn up for Aries at the very end of the month on March 31st, when there is a blue moon in Libra. Full moons in Libra represent fairness, togetherness and peace, so Aries should expect to end their month on a good note. Overall, March seems to be a challenging time for Aries so Paw Prints wishes the best to any Aries students.  

Based on astrology and background information regarding these zodiac signs, Paw Prints is able to predict what March has in store for Pisces and Aries signs.  With the contrasting qualities of these two zodiac signs, both have different yet interesting things in store for  them this March.