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Celebrating Life: Jeffrey Duane Artrip, Jr.

March 6, 2018

Jeffery ready for the high school dance. He was “Hype for that dance,” said Javon Briscoe.

Carl Young

Jeffery ready for the high school dance. He was “Hype for that dance,” said Javon Briscoe.

Sophomore, Jeffrey Duane Artrip, 15, passed away suddenly on February 4, 2018. Jeffrey was loved by many, loved by all his family and friends, and will be dearly missed. Jeffery was the type of person who could brighten your day in anyway. He would always find a way to make you smile, whether it would be telling you a joke, or playfully messing around with you, or just to say the most random funny things. He could never fail to make anyone laugh or smile.

Jeffery has accomplished many things throughout his life such as, when Jeffrey was in 8th grade he made first chair for the Double Bass in the All County Orchestra. Playing the Double Bass came natural to him. “It seemed to be a natural thing for him,” stated Mrs. Bentkowski.

Along with Jeff’s musical talents, he was also active in the Boy Scouts of America. He had achieved the honor of Life Scout within his troop #313 at Christ our King Church in Bel Air, Maryland. In order for Jeff to earn this honor, he had to be active in scouting, demonstrate the scout spirit which requires any scout to be, among other things, courteous, loyal, kind, and friendly.  Jeff also had to earn 11 Merit Badges through service learning activities and leadership roles. This showed that Jeff was dedicated to scouting, his troop, and his community.

Being a great friend was also one of his strongest qualities. He was an amazing boyfriend to his sweetheart, Maggie Holly.  His friends included, among numerous others, Carl Young, Jacob Burke, Jacob Ayd, Nikki Bayles, Katie Keech, Casey Hollar, Jeremy O’Keefe, Jason Briscoe, Shay Aitken-Geddes, Austin Freidel, Abby West, and Jocelyn Thompson. Jeff was a great friend because he was always there if you needed him. He’d be there to talk or just to make you happy and smile. His laugh was contagious. Shay Aitken-Geddes remembers one time when she and Jeff were playing around he started laughing and she followed it, too, because it was just so hard to resist. “Jeff was a funny, unexpected person. He just would make your day better,” Jocelyn Thompson (9) stated.  Javon Briscoe remembered the time when in Foundations of Tech class, he and Jeff were playing music and no matter what song they played, Jeff would know all the words and rap along, not missing a beat.

Carl Young
Katie Keech said, “He was one of my best friends and I am very grateful to have been so close to him.”

Services were held on February 12 – 13, 2018 at Mountain Christian Church in Bel Air.


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