Varsity Basketball heads to state playoffs


Malik Telfer

Nosebleed view of the crowd, players, and stadium


The 2017-2018 basketball season of Patterson Mill was very successful and one to remember. Patterson Mill had a major improvement from last season to this season. They improved their league standings to 5th and their overall record to 18-8. They went on to win the Regional Championship and play at the University of Maryland to compete for state semi-finals. They were also the only team in the county to reach this level. The Huskies have fought very hard this season.

Patterson Mill went up against Fairmont Heights in the state semi-finals of the race to become a state finalist. Fairmont Heights was a tough opponent as they had a record of 23-6 and a regional record of 18-1. Patterson Mill had a record of 18-8 and a region record of 5-6. The first quarter was going smoothly for Patterson Mill as they went off to a fast start, but the Hornets quickly retaliated. As the game began to get intense and the roar of the crowds got louder, Fairmont Heights came up and took a big lead going into halftime with a score of 38-19. Fairmont took the lead and held it against Patterson Mill the whole way through the game, with the ending score being 72-49 as Patterson Mill got eliminated and Fairmont moved to state finals.

Freshman Michael Austin, varsity point guard, had a few things to share. He said, “I felt good coming into the game and felt like we made it and we got to keep grinding to stay here.” He also had some advice to share that Coach Clark gave to him. “I’ll never forget the advice coach gave me. He said, ‘Look around, we are here and we got here for a reason, because we belong here. Let’s show them that we belong here.’” After the loss, Coach Clark had told his team, “You can’t be in a situation when you play a team that is that good without bring your A game.” Coach Clark also felt as if turnovers were the biggest factor in the game. “Tonight we had 25 turnovers. You turn over the ball like that against a team like that and you’re going to be in a bad spot. I think that kind of sums up the game.” Senior Dale Harris said, “First time playing on a big college, university court, maybe we were distracted, weren’t even focused.”

Despite the state semi-finals loss, the varsity basketball team has had a very successful season and next season might even be better. The Huskies season was a very successful and one many people won’t forget. They came a long way and became one of the top contending teams. The Huskies will always been known as one of the toughest teams to face.