Watch out Aries and Taurus, April is to be an interesting month


Emma Clarkson

Aries and Taurus are the two zodiac signs of April. Based on the alignment of the sun and moon on the astrology chart and the distinct qualities these signs have , Paw Prints was able to determine the predictions for important days throughout the month of April.


April has many surprises in store for the Aries and Taurus students at Patterson Mill. Based on astrology, Paw Prints is able to predict these zodiac sign’s important days in April.

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Aries are born between March 21 and April 18. Thanks to its ruling planet Mars and that it’s a fire sign, some of its most common traits are confidence, determination, courage, and being passionate. But on the other hand some other common traits are impatience, being short-tempered, impulsiveness, and aggressiveness. The sign for Aries is the ram, which represents courage and aggression, which allows Aries to approach life head on. These traits allow them to often approach projects or events in their life with passion. Taurus are born between April 19 and May 20. The symbol for Taurus is a bull and some of their traits are, being practical, reliable, patient, and responsible, but also, stubborn, and possessive. Earth is the sign for Taurus, and those born under the Earth sign are dependable and grounded. This sign is one of the most reliable of the zodiac signs, and are likely to be grounded with their choices in their lives.

This month includes a lot of ups and downs for Aries signs. From April 3 to April 5, when Mercury squares Mars on the astrology chart, this can cause short-temperedness for Aries. At this time, spring break is ending and students will be coming back to school, so it’s no surprise that students might not love the idea of being back after a nice break. Venus will be in Taurus through April 24 which is a neutral position for Aries’ love life, and with prom coming around the corner it’s the perfect time to start working on cheesy promposal posters to ask the perfect person to prom with. Also, on April 15 there’s a new moon which symbolizes new beginnings, which only makes it an even better time to start a new relationship with someone just as prom is coming soon. Another exciting yet frustrating part of this month for Aries is finding the perfect prom dress. It’s not always fun spending hours looking for a dress that looks right, and fits right, but with Aries’ bold style, there’s no doubt heads will be turned at prom.

With the last quarter of school starting and prom, it’s going to be an exciting month for Taurus signs. With Mars being in retrograde after April 21, which is when a planet has the illusion that it’s moving backwards, it might be a rough start to the Taurus season. But with Venus in Taurus for the majority of April, it should balance any negative energy from the retrograde. Mars will also be in Taurus for the duration of the month which gives a motivating and boosting energy for Taurus signs, which is understandable because seniors are ready to be out and done with school. This energy will be perfect for starting the last quarter of the year right and is also optimal for preparation for prom. Taurus season goes all the way into late May which is another exciting month with graduation and that its one of the last months of school. There is a full moon in Scorpio, Taurus’s opposing sign, on April 29, which represents tension. At this time of the year, it can be both exciting and nerve racking for Taurus seniors since it’s their last year of high school and college is just around the corner, so it’s natural that here might be some tension or negative energy at his time of the year.

Based on astrology and background information regarding these zodiac signs, Paw Prints is able to predict what April has in store for Aries and Taurus signs. With the contrasting qualities of these two zodiac signs, both have different yet interesting things in store for them this April.