Moldenhauer DISCusses Ultimate Frisbee

Keven Moldenhauer is seen leaping into the air to catch the disc. This picture was taken during a game with his team Truck stop.

Keven Moldenhauer is seen leaping into the air to catch the disc. This picture was taken during a game with his team Truck stop.


“You seriously play frisbee?”

As Keven Moldenhauer would say, “Yes, I seriously play Ultimate Frisbee.”

The Ultimate Frisbee Club was created by Moldenhauer here at Patterson Mill.   When people hear the term Ultimate Frisbee, they automatically think, “That’s stupid,” “You seriously play Frisbee?” Although these are all considered stereotypes, there’s a lot more to ultimate Frisbee than people expect.  Many people don’t understand how to play Ultimate Frisbee, however,”it’s a bunch of fun, and it’s basically football with a Frisbee.” In the game, there are two teams, whose main goal is to score a point by moving the disc (Frisbee) down the field to the other team’s zone. Similar to other popular sports, the team defends their zone from being scored on, while the other team attempts to move the disc downfield with passes to teammates. The players are allowed very minimal movement when holding the disc, nonetheless the game itself involves lots of running, in hopes of intercepting or guarding other players. Once one of the teams is able to complete a pass to someone in the zone, they receive a point.

One of the best things that Moldenhauer likes about Ultimate Frisbee is, “the spirit of the game, which I think is a big part of it. Also I think it’s very inclusive, speaking from the cultural perspective. They are very open to different types of people and there are all different types of leagues in terms of age, in terms of gender… mixed gender.” Many of the players agree with Michael Hagepanos (12) when he says, “Ultimate Frisbee Club has more of a personal connection… we bond a little bit more. It’s less of a contact game, but we still bond as a team.”  The club has been going on since 2014, and has sparked lots of student’s attention in how the game is played and the social benefits that come with it. Currently, the majority of the players are seniors, but they have been trying to acquire more students from other grades. One of the major facts about Ultimate Frisbee is how fast it is growing in popularity. According to Moldenhauer, “it has a higher growth rate than lacrosse, higher growth rate than soccer has in the USA with its age.”   As Mr. Moldenhauer mentions, he has had many students in past years go into college frisbee. It is shown that the experience that comes with joining this intramural can open doors to future possibilities.

Ultimate Frisbee can be a great get-a-way for students who are struggling with stress or just want to play a fun sport with some friends. Although, some may think that this is a made up sport, Ultimate Frisbee is actually a professional sport and has many club leagues. For example, Keven Moldenhauer, “recently retired from a professional team, The D.C. Breeze, [and] also played for the D.C Current.” Moldenhauer was also a player for one of the top teams who finished fourth in nationals last year.  The Ultimate Frisbee Club here has also been to a tournament before and has created their own discs.  Unfortunely, Moldenhauer’s coaching of college and professional Ultimate Frisbee has left him unable to have time to coach the Frisbee Club here. Yet he says, “I eventually hope to get more involved with the school program here again at some point.”  According to Moldenhauer, the games can be very intense, for instance when playing in summer leagues it is very laid back, but when playing at the top it is very extreme, “ I have broken my back twice, I’ve broken my shoulder, I’ve broken my arm… separated my shoulder” Don’t underestimate the power and danger of playing with a disc.

Besides all the competition and love of athletic involvement, Ultimate Frisbee can provide much more, such as a welcoming home. Hagepanos encourages students, “… to join and if you’re considering it, just give it a shot. We don’t bite and we accept anyone and everyone.” He and the rest of the team hope this will bring more people to the game.  Keven Moldenhauer is proud of the students who have come together as a family and both are hopeful to see new kids appear.