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Senior women feel young again with Glamour Gals


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Glamour Gals’ mission is to inspire and organize teen volunteers to provide ongoing companionship and complimentary beauty to women living in senior homes. At Patterson Mill, students in Glamour Gals believe that small acts of compassion can have a lasting effect on the women the hang out with.

Unfortunately, for these seniors, living in nursing homes can often create a feeling of extreme loneliness, which can be very bad for their overall health. In turn, the demolishing of overall health of the elderly can be the equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Throughout America, there are 16 states that are invested in this club and over 1,700 volunteers nationwide. At our school, Mrs. Limpert, the health teacher, is our club leader. The nursing home that we visit is the Lorien which is conveniently located right next to our school. The club meetings are held every other Monday and there are three team members involved. “We are always very appreciative of you girls coming over to do our nails, it gets very lonely over here,” said one woman at the Lorien. The Lorien is a family-owned organization that was founded and has conducted themselves from strong family values.

Glamour Gals offers a considerate approach to the problem of elder isolation. Many of the women at the Lorien are extremely lonely because most of their children have families of their own, so they are not able to visit the elderly ladies all of the time. “Two issues facing our society are the isolation of the elderly and the leadership needs of our teens,” says Dr. Deborah Streeter. “After being placed in this nursing home five months ago, I hardly ever see any of my friends or family, so there aren’t many people to talk to. It’s so nice to be able to talk to someone again,” says another woman at the Lorien.

What the Glamour Gal volunteers do is they build a deeper sense of community. “I find the work beautiful because of the reciprocity between the two parties – the more profound the elderly’s experiences and happiness, the more profound the volunteer’s personal growth,” says Dr. Kimiko Tanaka on the Glamour Gals official website. Glamour Gals is organized into four chapters. Chapter One would be visiting a senior home at least once a month to provide manicures and makeovers. Chapter Two would be holding regular meetings once a week. Chapter Three would be to register and track chapter activity on their volunteer website, And Chapter Four would be to pay an annual fee of $100.

In conclusion, it is important for our generation to understand that many of the people in senior homes are extremely lonely, and that it’s important to take one day every two weeks to volunteer and provide comfort and kindness to the older women by giving them manicures and just holding a normal conversation with them.

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Senior women feel young again with Glamour Gals