“Splitting Up Together”: Not your Jim and Pam love

“Splitting Up Together” is on Tuesdays at 9:30pm on ABC. Jenna Fischer plays Lena and Oliver Hudson plays Martin.

Emily Huddler

“Splitting Up Together” is on Tuesdays at 9:30pm on ABC. Jenna Fischer plays Lena and Oliver Hudson plays Martin.


Splitting Up Together is not your typical sitcom. They of course incorporate jokes about relationships and kids along the way, but you don’t see the big happy family that you would find in an evening sitcom on ABC. Emily Kapnek shows you her twist on a Danish sitcom (Bedre Skilt End Aldrig) with a well-known executive producer, Ellen DeGeneres.

Splitting Up Together tells the story of newly divorced Lena (Jenna Fischer) and Martin (Oliver Hudson) who decide to stay living in the same house, taking turns in the garage every other week, due to money problems. This show is like a TV version of a rom-com. Throughout the first few episodes there are, naturally, some funny moments thrown around in the midst of their divorce. What this show is lacking is some high stakes moments, considering they are going through such a stressful event as divorce.

Jenna Fischer, better known as Pam from The Office, plays Lena, as a sweet, but perfectionist mother. Oliver Hudson plays Martin who is a typical fun dad. Their opposing characters balance out the family well. Not everything in this show is smooth sailing, neither of the parents are shown to have real jobs, which could be the reason for their money problems. Splitting Up Together opens with Lena and Martin telling their family and friends the news of their divorce, after the second episode their friends become less important to the plot. Lena and Martin’s opposing parenting styles bring some tensions into the second episode as it is Martin’s week in the house. Their children, Mae (Olivia Keville), Mason (Van Crosby), and Milo (Sander Thomas), bring more fun to the show as you also get to see how they deal with this “divorce.” Mae’s character is shown much more in the second episode as she tells Lena that she doesn’t like her dad’s parenting as much as her mom’s. You also see some attempts to rekindle their love and a few romantic moments but, for fans of The Office, no love will ever be like Jim and Pam’s.

Splitting Up Together is a good show to kick back on a Tuesday night and enjoy, as long as you don’t really think about the plot. Fischer and Hudson add to the quality of the show but, there’s a little too many loose ends that should have been tied up by the fourth episode. Hopefully as the season continues a few more high stakes situations are added and those loose ends are tied up. It’s safe to say that there is room for improvement, but still hope for this new TV show.