Taurus and Gemini need to be cautious in May


Gemini and Taurus are the two zodiac signs of May. Based on the alignment of the sun and moon and the different qualities these signs have, Paw Prints was able to determine the horoscope predictions for the significant days for students throughout the month of May.


May has many surprises in store for the Taurus and Gemini students at Patterson Mill. Based on astrology, Paw Prints is able to predict these zodiac sign’s important days in May. 

Taurus signs are born between April 20 and May 20. It’s an Earth sign which allows Taurus to be dependable and grounded. The symbol for Taurus is a bull and some of their traits are, being practical, reliable, patient, and responsible, but also, stubborn, and possessive. This sign is one of the most reliable of the zodiac signs and are likely to be grounded with their choices in their lives. This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, attraction, and creativity. This makes Taurus signs very loyal and dependable. Gemini signs are born between May 21 and June 20. There element is air and is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet that represents communication, writing, and movement. Gemini are gentle, affectionate, curious and adaptable, as well as nervous, inconsistent, and indecisive. They are very sociable and fun to be around being that they’re an air sign.  

On May 11, there is a senior class meeting. This is the last month of school for seniors here, so many of these students are very eager to be done with school and graduate. A full moon in the Taurus Solar return chart makes this a year of great significance. This represents new beginnings and endings which isn’t a surprise considering graduation is almost here brings exciting opportunities for new beginnings, yet also a sad ending when seniors leave Patterson Mill. On this day, the sun in Taurus aligns with Pluto in Capricorn which represents power, which students, especially seniors, may need to help them along the last bit of the school year. On May 20, there is a prom party and the Sun squares Mercury. This can bring tension and disagreement so good luck all the prom dates. Possibly making sure that prom dates are holding doors and going the extra mile will help ease the tension on this day. But later that same day, the moon squares Jupiter which gives a bubbly and outgoing nature to Taurus students so hopefully all tension is relieved at the after prom party.  

On May 21, the sun finally enters Gemini season. On this day the Sun and Moon are in harmony on the Solar Return chart which brings balanced and satisfying energies. This is good because there are senior class final exams this day and until May 24 and seniors need as much balanced and satisfying energy they can get. On May 22 there’s senior awards practice, senior class final exam, and a senior class picnic. From May 20-27 the Sun lines up with Mars which boosts self-confidence and enthusiasm and is good because throughout these days there is the award ceremony, senior class picnic, senior class trip, and senior final exams, so there’s a lot to be enthusiastic about! More specifically, on the 23rd when there’s the award ceremony and senior class finals, Mercury at 16 degrees Taurus opposes Jupiter at 16 degrees Scorpio which can bring stress and frustration. This is understandable considering finals and the stresses that come with ending high school and potentially starting college.

Continuing through May for Gemini signs,  the Sun aligns with Mars which brings self-confidence and enthusiasm so hopefully things turn up. On the 25th when seniors go on their class trip Jupiter in Scorpio aligns with Neptune in Pisces which brings opportunity. On May 29, seniors graduate and there’s a graduation cruise. On this day, Mercury is in Gemini’s decan which brings mental alertness and increased communication and personal interaction. This makes sense because most students will be interacting with a lot a family members they may not always be in touch with because of graduation. The next day there is an after graduation cruise and there will be a full moon symbolizing new beginnings as seniors take on their new life.  

A lot of important events take place throughout the month of May, making it a busy month for Gemini and Taurus signs. With the use of astrology, Paw Prints was able to figure out what these signs should expect of these significant days of May. Students can face May with confidence after reading what to look forward to throughout this month.