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Food Preparation and Hospitality: Showing Skill through Management Project


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The Introduction to Food Preparation and Hospitality project this year was about students using the management skills they have been working on throughout the year to master a demonstration in front the class. Each lab group had to demonstrate a fifteen to twenty-minute recipe (minus baking time), plan it out with market order and script, pull equipment and present it to the class. They must manage all their resources including time, skills, ingredients and equipment. Students were graded on how they planned and performed, students were able to score two other groups, also scoring their own group on each person’s effort. Skills such as mixing, the use of a knife, measuring and baking were used. 

It takes 5 class periods to complete the project.  On day one, Mrs. Kruger demonstrates, explaining her expectations along the way and students have some time to start brainstorming ideas. On day two, students work in their lab group to pull ingredients, equipment, create a market order, and write a script. On days three, four and five, there are two groups that go each day, this is when students must score 2 other groups on the days they do not demonstrate. Most years the project remains the same.  It has been altered to fit the time frame available as it is the last unit of the year, so it depends on how much time they have.  

A ninth-grade student named Summer Kelly explains that her project was “Mini pumpkin bites. We needed a large bowl, whisk, mini muffin pan, etc. Ingredients were pumpkin puree, pie crust, heavy cream, brown sugar, etc.” Summer believes she did well, because they were prepared. She enjoyed working with her group and tells, “I worked with Christian, Maggie and Isabella. I find working with them easy, because they are really nice.” 

Presenting in front of a class can be a challenge for students, which is why Mrs. Kruger allowed students to choose how they wanted to include themselves in the project. She says, “Some students were not interested in having to speak in front of the class.  I give everyone the option on how they would like to participate…. each can contribute their strengths.” Others found presenting in front of the class to be a little nerve-wracking, but in the end, everything turned out well. An example would be tenth grader Ashley Ross, who explains and even offers a little bit of advice to those with stage fright, “Nervous, but fine after a few minutes. I just did my job and didn’t look at the class.” Students found that by listening and follow directions, the project was a lot easier. Ninth grader, Callie Testerman, “The easiest thing is to assign jobs.” 

Not only does Mrs. Kruger want students to learn how to prepare food in her class, she would also like to teach students, “Ways to enrich their lives, how to save money and job skills,” and adds that her favorite part is that, “Students go home and use skills that I teach. It’s fun to share enthusiasm and I think they become enthusiastic about it.” Student, Ashley Ross, who has been mentioned previously in this article, says she’s learned how “You can cook things at home and be proud of yourself.” 

Advice coming from ninth grader, Isabella Peters, would be “It’s fun! Enjoy it!” And Callie Testerman advices future students who participate in this project to “Pay attention, and have fun, because who doesn’t love food?” 

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Food Preparation and Hospitality: Showing Skill through Management Project