Peer Mentor Program: Students assisting students in need


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The peer mentor program is for students who need extra help for classes they are struggling in. It is usually held in the morning in the library or a classroom. Students get help from upperclassmen who have a good grade in the class the student is struggling in. Even teachers can mentor students that are struggling in a class.

This program is very useful, especially for athletes, because some student athletes have a hard time maintaining their grades. The peer mentor program helps them maintain and even improve their grade so they can continue in their season.

The mentors help students improve by quizzing them, looking over notes, and helping them complete worksheets. The mentors love helping students improve in their classes and lending a helping hand. They especially love when students ask questions because it shows they are making an effort to understand and learn.

Most students feel the mentoring program is helpful and reliable. Many mentors commented that the hardest thing about the program is when students don’t show up to mentoring or when they don’t make an effort to improve in their classes. It is frustrating because mentors are taking time out of their day to help students and when they don’t show up it feels like a waste of time.

This program originally started three years ago and there was only three mentors, but the program definitely grew over the years. It went from just a morning homework help to all out help with homework, classwork, and projects.  Kelly Dilaughter is a senior who is a mentor in the program who “really enjoys helping students.” She says “I love when students ask questions, it shows them actually trying to understand.” When students ask questions it gives her the feeling that the students are actually trying to understand the work. Connor Madsen is a senior mentor who “loves to help students with work.” He especially works with athletes whose grades start slipping and he helps them stay on track so they can continue to play the sport they desire.

The peer mentor program is a great program that provides a lot of support and understanding for students and it can really improve a student’s grade and even one’s self confidence. It has been shown that this program is very helpful and will be around for a while. If you are interested in the peer mentor program and are interested in becoming a mentor, speak to Mrs. Hartman in Guidance for more information.