Summer jobs: A great opportunity for teens


Meadow Santoriello

Churchville Recreation Center is a great place for teenagers to work. Teaching tennis lessons to little kids is one of many things you can do here.


Summer jobs are great opportunities to meet new people, gain time management skills, and earn some extra money. There are many places students at Patterson Mill can work at this summer such as Panera, snowball stands, Bel Air Athletic Club, Harford Gymnastics, or Churchville Recreation Center. Summer jobs open up new opportunities for teenagers who are looking for their future job. These jobs help teenagers earn extra money and with that money they can learn how to manage it. Summer jobs have many positive effects on students.

There are a lot of positive outcomes to having a summer job, one of the main ones is the opportunity to earn extra cash. Earning money can teach teens how to save it, which is an important skill for later in life. Summer jobs are also all about “having the chance to meet new people,” says Maya Wheeler (10) an employee at Harford Gymnastics. Being somewhere with new people helps teens branch out of their comfort zones to talk to a new friend. During the summer, some students may have a lot of free time. A job will help so they’re not stuck with finding something to do every day. “Summer jobs gives you work experience for later in life,” says Hanna Soughou (11) an employee at J.C Penny. This is very important when young adults start looking for what they want to do in life, they’ll have some background from previous jobs.

Having a summer job, however has some downfalls, these being less free time and less time to spend with friends and family. “Some jobs give workers short lunch breaks, which is a major con,” says Maya Wheeler. Lunch breaks give people working a chance to talk and have fun with friends while being at work. “Being at work limits you to doing other activities,” says Jenna Tangires an employee at Bel Air Athletic Club. You aren’t able to participate in summer camps during the day because you’re at work. Another issue with summer jobs for some is, “having to be stuck inside and not being outside enjoying summer weather,” says Meadow Santoriello. Being stuck inside can make the day go by slower. Balancing work and summer activities can also be a struggle, but as long as employees stay in contact with their manager and work their week out ahead of time this shouldn’t be a major problem.

Summer jobs can lead to some interesting stories. Sometimes jobs dealing with kids can be tough to handle. Meadow Santoriello says, “One time when I was teaching a class, this 6 year old started to pour water all over the floor, I had to stop teaching and clean it all up.” The Bel Air Athletic Club is a great place to get work experience, Jenna Tangires an employee at BAAC runs birthday parties for little kids. “At one party there were so many kids, 3 of them ran off into the treehouse, we had to spend most of the time looking for them,” she says. A lot of kids comes with a lot of responsibility.

Summer jobs helps open up young adults to the opportunities of working. These jobs can help teens figure out what they want to do in the future. Summer jobs also help teenagers meet new people and take on some responsibility to prepare them for later in life.