Tri-M: Serving the school one note at a time


Kelsey Richter

Sarah Lambeth (10) has been in the Patterson Mill band program since she was a freshman. Having come to Patterson Mill in her freshman year, she had felt very welcomed by the music community.


Tri-M is an honors society that combines academics and a love of music shared among the students of Patterson Mill High School. On May 8, the new members were inducted into the 2018-2019 chapter of Tri-M. Along with new members, current members were recognized, and seniors were given their graduation cords.  

The National Music Honor Society is an invitation-based organization, meaning that during their sophomore year, students must be invited to be able to participate. In order to be invited, students must have fulfilled certain requirements. The requirements include exceptional performance in any of the music classes, as well as the same performance in the student’s other classes. Grades from a student’s freshman year are taken into consideration, along with their sophomore year. Once invited, a student must complete certain requirements in order to be inducted and stay in the organization for future years. There are five requirements: working one hour at assessment day, participating in solo ensemble or auditioning for all county, bringing a food item to the teacher’s breakfast, ushering one of the music concerts, and one other hour of service.   

Ms. Katie Romano is the faculty adviser for Tri-M and claims that “spreading music to the school and the community through service projects and other activities,” is the purpose of the organization. She says she enjoys being the adviser, especially seeing the induction concert come together because it is usually a “pretty crazy time.” Ms. Romano expresses that the hardest part of being adviser is leaving some of the control to the officers. One of the most important qualities for members to have is a passion for music. Ms. Romano says that one of the things that sets Tri-M apart from other honor societies is the fact that it’s a “manageable honors society that doesn’t take over your life,” with students only having to obtain five required hours of service. 

Sarah Lambeth, who is a sophomore at Patterson Mill High School, has just recently been inducted into Tri-M. She says that she’s “grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something that allows people to do what they love.” Sarah has faced some challenges with finding the hours, but she says that the organization gives many opportunities for community work. She expects to stay in Tri-M for the rest of her high school career because she “loves being in such a welcoming and enjoyable group.” Sarah also describe how close she is with the other members and is hopes to interact with them for the rest of high school. In the future, she looks forward to electing new officials next year, as well as possibly running it herself at some point. She is also looking forward to playing in concerts with the band and going on Tri-M trips.  

Ms. Romano and Sarah have similar critiques of the club, which is focused on communication. For Ms. Romano, this means having members remember to come to the meetings and other events. For Sarah this means having more communication not only within the club, but outside of the club as well because she wishes that, “more people knew about it so that they could maybe take up an instrument or a music class and strive to get invited to the program.”  The family aspect, along with the common interest of music helps to keep the organization so closely knit, as well as keeping members returning year after year.  


Kelsey Richter
Larry Clark (12) was the president for Tri-M this year. However, since he will be graduating, his spot will need to be filled. But the contributions that he left can’t be replaced.

Kelsey Richter
Tucker Uebersax (10) has been involved in the Patterson Mill music program since 6th grade and has focused primarily on the flute. However, as of last year, he has learned to play the tenor saxophone in order to play with the high school’s jazz ensemble.