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Mrs. C raising awareness on Ehlers Danlos Syndrome


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May, the month of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome awareness, is very important especially to Mrs. Comoglio-Santos, our art teacher. Paw Prints wants to inform the students and faculty of the effect Ehlers Danlos Syndrome has on people and the available opportunities people can take to bring awareness to a worthy cause.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is a group of inherited disorders that mostly affect the skin, joints and blood vessels. Some of the symptoms that accompany this disorder are bleeding, easy bruising, heart murmurs, joint dislocation, poor wound healing, physical deformity, and others. This syndrome is very rare, and the US has reported less than 200,000 cases per year. Unfortunately, Mrs. C has type 1 which a very rare and degenerative stage of EDS. Type 1 leans more towards the hypermobility side of the spectrum, and for Mrs. C that has led to “ [her] right shoulder completely out of socket, and [she] had released and completely torn ligaments.” Many people suffer from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, but with the help of a simple conversation or a small donation, can lead to a long journey of medical achievements towards Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

As Mrs. C reflects on past years struggling with EDS she realizes that “there really is a problem and [she’s] not making this up in [her] head,” and just like Mrs. C, individuals could be suffering from this disease, can be very confused and frustrated when nobody is aware of what’s happening to them. “Since about 20, I’ve known and I’ve researched…and been tried figuring it out since then, and now I’m 35” says Mrs. C, as she retells her efforts to find out more information on her illness. For her, “this school has been a God send to me” and to Patterson Mill, we want to do our best to reciprocate that love. A big wish of Mrs. C’s is to “do a fundraiser…to benefit [Ehlers Danlos Syndrome].”  If you or anyone you is interested in donating money to any organizations or websites such as Facebook or the EhlersDanlosSyndromeSociety, please contact Mrs. C with any questions in room h123 or by email which can be found on edline.


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Mrs. C raising awareness on Ehlers Danlos Syndrome