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Return of The Avengers (SPOILERS!)

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Return of The Avengers (SPOILERS!)

Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos needs to collect all six Infinity Stones to rule the universe.

Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos needs to collect all six Infinity Stones to rule the universe.

Sean Lipka and Bryce Hoffmaster

Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos needs to collect all six Infinity Stones to rule the universe.

Sean Lipka and Bryce Hoffmaster

Sean Lipka and Bryce Hoffmaster

Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos needs to collect all six Infinity Stones to rule the universe.


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The Avengers: Infinity War was one of the largest Marvel Cinematic Universe movies directed by Anthony and Joe Russo to hit the big screen. Infinity War was a big hit when it came out on April 27th with its combination of all the Marvel superheroes. They came together to fight one of the universe’s strongest villains known as Thanos. Thanos’ life purpose to to make the perfect universe with all grateful people.  In order to do that, he is trying to retrieve all six Infinity stones of the universe. This will give him the power to wipe out half the universe’s population with the snap of a finger. It is the superheroes’ duty to cease Thanos ruling of the universe. 

Bryce: “So what did you think about Thanos?” 

Sean: “He’s a Titan right?” 

Bryce: “Yeah.” 

Sean: “Loki wasn’t a Titan was he?” 

Bryce: “No, he was found and brought to Asgrad and became a god.” 

Sean: “Yeah, okay.” 

Bryce: “In the beginning of Infinity War remember Loki telling Thanos he’ll never be a god?” 

Sean: “Yeah.” 

Bryce: “So it makes sense the he’s not a god and he’s a Titan.” 

Sean: “Yeah and he’s only crazy powerful because the first stone he got and put in his gauntlet was the power stone.” 

Bryce: “Yeah, he was pretty much unstoppable from the beginning with that Infinity stone.” 

Sean: “Then he eventually gets all six and becomes even stronger and more unstoppable.” 

Bryce: “But we know eventually he has to be stopped because its Marvel.” 

Sean: “In the end, actually, it didn’t really turn out like the other movies, it instead ended badly for the superheroes.” 

Bryce: “It has a pretty interesting ending.” 

Sean: “Let’s go back to Thanos and how his character acts, right off the bat he kills Loki which is a big character, do you think Loki should’ve lived longer or did you know Loki was going to die?” 

Bryce: “To be honest in Thor Ragnorok he seemed pretty cool, and I was really starting to like him, but then Thanos killed him right in the beginning.” 

Sean: “Yeah that didn’t really make sense to me because I was actually starting to like him too and he was starting to do some good.” 

Bryce: “If they put it in the middle of the movie or something it would’ve been a bit better, and even if he died for something noble.” 

Sean: “Right, but they just ended up killing him right in the beginning before the main part of the movie even started.” 

Sean: “Thanos also made Thor watch as he killed Loki, because one of Thor’s helpers or whatever they were had him trapped in metal they built around him.” 

Bryce: “That seemed really brutal, because that was Thor’s last family member because everyone else died, so I think it was really rough on him.” 

Sean: “Yeah and if you remember in Thor Ragnorok he lost his hammer because his sister crushed it with her hand.” 

Bryce: “Yeah and it was in the beginning too, so it was pretty crazy.” 

Sean: “Thor didn’t have his hammer for like the first half of this movie and I think that really impacted how he stood up against Thanos.” 

Bryce: “Yeah but after Thanos somewhat took care of Thor, Hulk came in and started a fist fight with Thanos and since he’s uncoordinated and just pure muscle Thanos just destroyed him from the start.” 

Sean: “Then Hulk didn’t come out the rest of the movie because people think that he was scared because he had never like lost a fight like that and that was the first time that it had ever happened.” 

Bryce: “Yeah that was huge the entire movie.  But back to Thor, how do you think Thor did with everyone in his family being dead, all of those people died and he’s the only one left?” 

Bryce: “In the movie it also seems like he is trying to play it off like it was nothing.” 

Sean: “He’s lost everything now his dad, his brother, now, his mom.” 

Bryce: “Yeah and now his people.” 

Sean: “Its really hard on him, in the movie you can sort of tell but he tries to block it out, but you can see it come through his character sometimes.” 

Bryce: “His character is tough though, so I feel like that is why it doesn’t really show through that often.” 

Sean: “Yeah and characters like that are the ones that viewers are interested in and make the movie big.” 

Sean: “Why do you think the movie is as big as it is and important as it is to viewers?” 

Bryce: “Well his movie has all of the Avengers combined and that makes it huge and so important to the viewers.” 

Sean “Also a lot of people seeing this movie have read the comics and the comics are farther ahead then movies.” 

Bryce: “That also means that this movie is very serious to them and they know a lot about it.” 

Sean: “This movie I think is going to be one of the biggest movies of all time.” 

Bryce: “Why do you think that?” 

Sean: “Well with this story, they’re implementing almost every Marvel superhero into the movie and people are really excited to see how they can do that successfully.” 

Bryce: “Yeah I know exactly what you’re saying, and I completely agree.” 

Sean: “They have to take things like Thor losing his hammer in Thor Ragnorok and try and work that into this movie and they could easily mess something up like that.” 

Bryce: “Yeah and they did really good with that and they didn’t make any mistakes like with the special effects, they really held up to everyone’s expectations.” 

Bryce: “Yeah and it left us with a lot of good observation.” 

Sean: “How about the obserservations, where they all fought in Wakanda. That was crazy. With the aliens.” 

Bryce: “Yeah when they were fighting in Wakanda. “ 

Sean: “What were those?” 

Bryce: “I have no idea they were like demonic things. I’m just going to call them demons… But they were crazy there were millions of them trying to get through the barrier.”

Sean: “They looked real. Then they were also going around the barrier, so they could all go in on all sides. The Avengers wanted to make the focus on one area. So, the Black Panther told his sister to open the force field in that one spot. Do you think that was a smart choice?”

Bryce: “I think they could have made a better plan to destroy the ships out of the city. Rather than just opening the barrier and letting them all come in at once. A lot of the lost their lives because of that too.” 

Sean: “But I don’t think they had time to think of all that. It was just a quick decision making moment they didn’t have enough time to sit down and think of a plan.”

Bryce: “But the demons looked unbelievably realistic.”

Sean: “Also the superheroes fighting them and all the action even though they’re fake made the editing of the movie look astounding.”

Bryce: “Some other special effects that was astonishing and realistic is the powers Doctor Strange and Thanos’ helper had. They were able to make them float and fly around. Also they made it so those people really looked like they were magical and real.” 

Sean: “Those scenes with them using their magic was some spectacular editing. Some more special effects that looked unbelievable was Thanos and his size and face. They must have gotten a guy and just multiplied his size by ten. Also the detail looked amazing which was probably one of the most vital things during the movie.

 Bryce: “So how did you think Thor Ragnorak connected to Infinity War?”

Sean: “I feel like a lot of people want to know the storyline because they don’t know where all this came from, Infinity War. I feel that the storyline is based on all the other Marvel superhero movies, because Thor Ragnorak, a lot of it must play into what’s going on.”

Bryce: “Similar to the beginning too.” 

Sean: “Yeah, like the ship you wouldn’t know what that is unless you watched Thor Ragnorok and they’re leaving Asgard and the whole civilization is there.”

Bryce: “Also most people probably didn’t even see that and didn’t think it was as big.” 

Sean: “You know it’s huge and everything was patched up.”

Bryce: “Then if you would have went into Infinity War without seeing Thor Ragnorok you would have been totally lost with the ship and everything else going on.” 

Sean: “And in Thor Ragnorok, Thor loses his hammer.” 

Bryce: “But that’s in the trailer of Ragnorok too.” 

Sean: “Yeah but I feel like some people might not have seen the trailer be that into it because this is a huge movie and they might not have been into Marvel before but they’re just watching it now because everybody is watching it.”

Bryce: “Also, in Thor Ragnorok, Thor finds his power of being a lightning god and figures out that he doesn’t need his hammer for his powers. But in Infinity War he didn’t seem to use his powers as much or look nearly as epic as he did in Thor Ragnorok.” 

Sean: “Yeah… In the end of Guardians of the Galaxy it showed Adam which in the comic books he defeats Thanos and takes the Infinity stones.” 

Bryce: “Then in the comics it also shows Adam taking everyone over and having the Infinity Stones. So there are lots of theories based on that.” 

Sean: “Speaking of Thanos wouldn’t he be considered an Anti-Hero because he believes that wiping out half of the universes population will save everyone’s lives. He wants them to be grateful because he is preserving their resources and helping them not to over populate.” 

Bryce: “That is a perfect word for Thanos. Also when he was getting his stones there was a lot that was unexpected. Such as when he got the Soul Stone and he had to kill his ‘daughter’.” 

Sean: “Another surprising part about the soul stone is that Red Skull in Captain America was there guarding it and keeping watch even though everyone thought that he died because of it.” 

Bryce: “Yeah, also I remember how Thanos was just sitting there and he was just sad at the end of the movie because he accomplished his goal of annihilating half of the universes population but had to lose everything to accomplish it. He lost his daughter, his partners to help him get the soul stone, and he even broke his gauntlet which helped him wield the Infinity Stones.” 

Sean: “But his Gauntlet probably still works.” 

Bryce: “Probably, it was damaged.” 

The movie was great with them adding in aspects of all marvel movies and great special effects to make everything seem real. The movie kept a good storyline while implementing all of the characters backstories. The special effects team did an amazing job making it seem as if everyone was actually making contact with the fictional characters and made it seem as if they were actually there. Marvels Infinity War was an impressive showing as to what Marvel Cinematic Universe can do and is well worth the money if you’re debating on whether or not to see this movie.  

Directors: Anthony and Joe Russo 

Actors: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Holland, Chadwick Boseman, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Tom Hiddleston, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Idris Elba, Danai Gurira, Peter Dinklage, Benedict Wong, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Brolin, Chris Pratt, Letitia Wright, and more at 

Rating: PG-13  

Time: 2h36m 


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